A solar panel’s product warranty covers the integrity of the panel itself, and protects you against failures due to manufacturing defects, environmental issues, premature wear and tear, etc.

Product warranty or so called the limited product warranty for most solar panels being sold in Australia is 10 years. In simple terms this means “A warranty with certain conditions and limitations on the parts covered, type of damage covered, and/or time period for which the agreement is good” Thus in respects to solar panels – the panels are said to be covered for 10 years from the date of installation against any manufacturing defects. This includes the frame which provides structural rigidity to the panel, the glass which protects the top side of the panel, the EVA which is the glue that binds all the components of the panel, the cells where sunlight is converted to electricity and finally the junction box and connectors which transfers energy from one panel to the next.

As with most warranties, if you own a solar system, the longer the period of the warranty, the more advantageous it is.