Energy Storage

Wholesale Energy Storage Products by Optimus Energy.

Optimus Energy has teamed up with Alpha ESS to bring you class leading Energy Storage products for domestic, commercial & utility-scale applications.

Alpha ESS Smile 5.

Wholesale Energy Storage

The Alpha ESS Smile 5 offers a unique Energy Storage offer for domestic households.

The key features of the Smile 5 system include;

  • Works during power interruptions.
  • Modular & upgradable design for future proofing against expanding needs.
Output 5000W Max. Capacity 34.4 kWh
Battery Smile5-BAT Dimensions 600 x 250 x 1800 mm
Cabinet Capacity 5.7-10.5 kWh Weight 180kg
DOD 90% Certifications TUV,CE,IEC

Alpha ESS OF5 Off-Grid Energy Storage Solution.

Off Grid Energy Storage

The cost-effective Storion OF5 for Off-grid households.

Output 5000 W Max. Capacity 54 kWh
Battery M4860/M48100/M48112-P Dimension 610 x 650 x 1630 mm
Cabinet Capacity 3 -21.6kWh Weight 170 kg(Without battery)
DOD 90 % Certificate CE, IEC