Battery storage tenders in South Australia and Victoria prove that Australia is a strong contender in global energy storage.

West Australia: Solar power barrier removed

Australia is a fast-growing destination for solar energy. Its incessant solar activities indicate that it is indeed headed for a solar revolution. The latest of which is energy storage projects, specifically found in top solar states, South Australia and Victoria.

Appreciation for good energy storage is on the rise. In fact, many solar providers encourage solar plus storage. After all, the package ensures maximized solar energy. The solar community is now well-aware of this, hence the large-scale battery storage projects.

Victoria edges South Australia

Both Victoria and South Australia are actively pushing for solar energy use. It is not surprising to know, therefore, that the two states held tenders simultaneously. For 100MW of storage, Victoria set a fund of $25 million. South Australia, on the other hand, has a budget of $15 to $20 million.

South Australia’s 100MW/100MWh battery storage project received a phenomenal response. It was more than the expected response for this type of project. However, Victoria’s tender surprised the industry. Its 20MW/80MWh battery storage array attracted over a hundred proposals, surpassing SA’s astonishing number.

Credible proposals

It’s also remarkable to note that more than two-thirds of the proposals are credible according to project officials. And interestingly, 90 of 110 proposals came from 10 different countries.

Officials encouraged solar thermal, pumped hydro, and other storage providers to participate in the tender. Tesla, Kokam and LG Chem are just some of the well-known solar providers with supposedly multiple proposals. The details, however, were not specified.

Western Victoria will be home to this new solar project. The site has a weak network and expanding renewable energy capacity.

More energy storage projects

Apparently, there’s another energy storage project for Victoria.

An 80MW of energy storage will see construction after another round of expressions of interest (EOI) process. The deadline for submission of proposals is on April 25.