Fitting solar panels is not the end of your solar energy savings efforts. Learn how to get more bang for your buck using these tricks.


Congratulations on your first solar installation. You’re on your way to a clean, sustainable, and affordable energy source. However, it’s not yet time to sit back and relax. You can still get more solar energy savings if you know how to adjust your appliance usage.

First-time solar households often make the mistake of assuming they’ll have zero electricity bills after going solar. Well, that’s possible, but not as quick and effortless as some thought it could be. To help you maximize your solar energy savings, follow the tips below.

Understand your bill and manage your expectations.

Your electricity bill has two major charges – usage and supply. Usage charge is based on electricity that you use while supply charge is what you pay for simply being connected to the grid.

Now, solar may offset your daytime usage but you still need to pay for the supply charge. The only way to lower or avoid it is to rack up solar feed-in credits. This may require huge solar installation which isn’t really practical for households.

So, when you hunt for solar panels, be sure to talk to your solar provider to make sure you have clear expectations on rates and solar energy savings.

Choose self-consumption over feed-in.

Keep in mind that your usage charge rate is often higher than the feed-in rate or the rate you are paid for sending solar back into the grid. Therefore, it would be wiser to consume your solar energy than going for feed-in credits.

Use electrical appliances wisely.

It’s no secret that you’ll get more solar energy savings with proper choosing and use of appliances. First, check out websites where you can find out about the energy consumption of particular appliances. If buying new appliances, opt for ones that consume less electricity for the same function.

It’s also smart to run your electrical appliances when the sun is high. This is normally from 10 am to 3 pm. But check your solar panel installation to be sure as this will depend on the panels’ tilt and orientation. Adjust your appliance use whenever possible and you’re sure to get maximum solar energy savings from your solar panels.