Summer electricity bills can make one realize the many benefits of solar power panels.  

Tiered Electricity Rating System vs Solar Power

Getting your summer utility bills and staring at the high amount you will be paying is really a pain for everyone. Of course, summer is one of the best seasons. We have longer days and longer home hours. But the longer we use the electricity in our house, the higher our power bills become.

In Utah, residents just experienced the longest stretch of 95+ degree weather. Last summer’s heat was truly record-breaking. It’s something Utahns haven’t seen in more than three decades. Needless to say, A/C units worked overtime and set everyone’s kWh usage skyrocketing.

Not many are aware that understanding their energy bill is important when you want to save on electricity costs. In a article, Solaroo Energy’s Director of Operations, Kelly Curtis, shared some insights that might help residents in this aspect.

Energy bills in summer

According to Curtis, homeowners should take note of their power consumption as well as the different tiers of pricing. These data are available on energy bills, and so it would be helpful to compare previous and current bills to see the difference.

It’s not surprising to see various rates implemented in the same season. Although there are jumps even in, say, winter, the increase in rate is definitely more evident during summer when heat busters like air conditioners are used to maximum.

Extra usage means increased grid pressure. The cost of additional manpower needed to make sure disasters won’t ensue because of this are passed on to – you guessed it right – customers. Hence, it’s not unusual for homeowners to end up paying a lot more.

Solar power panels to the rescue

Electricity bills during summer can make anyone wish they have solar power panels.

Mr. Curtis explained that “When you break down the payment for a homeowner with a solar system installed, over an average of 25 years, that homeowner only pays between $.05 and $.07 per kWh. To make it even better, that cost is fixed, so no matter what the weather looks like, you already know how much you are paying. No tiered rating system, no price increase; just one price you can count on the entire year that amounts to a lot of savings.”

He advised homeowners to consider solar power panels so next summer, they can enjoy extremely low energy bills each month.