Solar panels for homes are common in Western Australia and for very good reasons. Homeowners are right in choosing clean energy, but most get it wrong during solar panels installation.    


Solar panel efficiency depends on a lot of factors. One of the most critical is correct solar panels installation. Ample knowledge on how solar panels work means greater panel productivity in addition to bigger savings.

Solar panels installation that works

Of course, it’s better to hire a reputable solar panel installer than taking the DIY route. However, even if you will be hiring experts, it pays to know these bits:

  1. Position – People generally avoid a panel facing north since not much light would be collected compared to a southern-facing roof. If you’ll ask the experts, though, most would advise facing west because it generates more electricity. Certain adjustments can be done if west or south is not possible in your situation. Add more panels or go for a larger collector.
  2. Temperature – Temperature does not affect the amount of solar energy a solar panel receives. However, it affects how much power you will get out of it. As solar panels get hotter, they will produce less power from the same amount of sunlight. Remember that when the heat of solar cell increases, the energy power it creates decreases.
  3. Shading – Place your solar PV panels away from shaded areas. It isn’t hard to fathom the reason behind this, but you’ll be surprised to see many households still do it. Even a small amount of shade from trees, roof ventilators, or antennas can negatively impact the output of a panel.
  4. Maintenance – Solar panels, in general, require very little maintenance. But, you can’t just leave them out there after installation. Clean the panels regularly to get dust and dirt off. If you think you’re not getting the energy the solar panel system is supposed to deliver, a little inspection sounds overdue.

A solar panel system is a great investment. It helps households and businesses to save money, and earn as well. So, know the do’s and don’ts before doing any solar panels installation. The efficiency and life span of the panels depend on these little efforts.