The lack of feed-in tariff incentive in NSW has not discouraged people from going solar. After all, solar energy benefits still outweigh this drawback.  


New South Wales still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of renewable energy policies. The absence of feed-in tariff incentive, in particular, is an issue that the government should address if they want more households and businesses to go solar.

But despite such downside, many are still fitting solar panels because of solar energy benefits.

Solar is still a smart investment

Cost is no doubt the most considered among solar energy benefits. People look for ways to save on electricity rates that only seem to go up. It also helped that solar panels and installation costs are also lower now, thanks to improvements in solar technology.

Solar also requires minimal maintenance cost and effort. Installed and functioning solar panels hardly require attention.

Finally, solar is a smart investment because it’s our way of lessening carbon emissions. Environmental concerns are so critical nowadays that any way to help would already be a huge contribution.

In the absence of solar FIT

NSW residents, like many others all over Australia, switch to solar since solar is cost-effective, especially in the long run. However, since NSW’s Solar Bonus Scheme is not available to new applicants, it would be wiser to self-consume solar power if you are a new owner.

Sending solar energy back into the grid should only be an option when there’s excess energy for your consumption. Consume electricity during the daytime, especially when the sun is high. Solar is a good investment as long as you will use at least 30 percent of your produced solar energy.

Before fitting solar panels, make sure you do your research and consult a reputable solar provider. Be familiar with the current energy policies in NSW, ask if your home is a good candidate for solar installation and the specific solar energy benefits you would gain from the system.