Solar company Eco Energy will soon have its second solar farm in Australia. The project secured its planning consent and expects construction in 2017.   


Queensland has always been on top when it comes to Australia’s solar installation statistics. It’s not surprising that solar company, Eco Energy World, chose the state for their projects. The new solar farm near Chinchilla in makes the state’s solar power even more fortified.

The 20MW solar park of Eco Energy just got its planning consent. This is the company’s second solar farm in the country. It follows approval in October for a 140MW solar park near Maryborough. EEW chairman Svante Kumlin said that this development brings the company closer to its goal. It aims to develop 1GW of solar farms in Australia.

Model and technology

The project is likely to follow a merchant model. This means the spot market for electricity and large-scale renewable energy certificates will be the company’s revenue sources. They won’t have to go through the usual route that involves power purchase agreement.

Construction is anticipated in 2017. Like most new solar PV projects in Australia, the Chinchilla solar farm will use single axis tracking technology.

Benefits to the community

Eco Energy sees the project as another step that brings them closer to their goals. And they won’t be the only ones to benefit from the project. This will also help the community by providing job opportunities. The project requires around 90 people for construction jobs.

The Chinchilla solar farm is also a nod to Australia’s long-term energy and climate change commitments. People will have access to clean and renewable energy. It will happen soon as the 70,000 solar PV modules are already running on about 73 hectares of land.

EEW has a UK-based parent company that develops utility scale solar projects. The company has solar farms in the UK and several other countries. In Australia, it has a development pipeline of 800MW of solar farms.