Trina 300w Mono (60 Cell) PERC

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Trina 300w Mono (60 Cell) PERC

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Trina 300w Mono (60 Cell) PERC

The DUOMAX M Plus monocrystalline module offers high-output performance for ground-mount installations. Available with industry-leading 1500V rating, the DUOMAX M Plus is perfect for solar projects with limited acreage, as its top-end efficiency and high power density is built to maximize energy output in limited space while withstanding challenging environmental conditions. The advanced monocrystalline technology enables a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing look.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a polymer used in photovoltaic modules to encapsulate the PV cells, thereby ensuring insulation and durability. Using high transparency EVA at the back of the cell allows more sunlight to pass through, tailoring them for applications such as carports and greenhouses. In addition, transparent EVA also creates more aesthetically pleasing panels for your system.

Designed to reduce micro-cracking, UV ageing, degradation and corrosion, DUOMAX is ideal for uncompromising weather conditions.


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Weight 19.95 kg
Dimensions 4.2 x 104.8 x 162.3 cm