320W Eclipse Mono Black/Wh

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320W Eclipse Mono Black/Wh

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Seraphim Eclipse 320W Mono Black/Wh

The new Eclipse module is a significant breakthrough in module innovation. To make a breakthrough, you have to do everything better, including how it’s manufactured. Seraphim cooperated with advanced equipment suppliers to develop a proprietary process and achieve unbeatable efficiencies. All so you’ll receive outstanding performance and savings for decades to come.

This technology allows for;

  • Up to 15% greater yield for the same size.
  • A reduced balance of system costs through the need for fewer panels.
  • Quicker installation time, as you don’t need to install as many panels.
  • Increased performance in shaded locations.

Above all the Seraphim Eclipse panel looks a million dollars.

Additional information

Weight 19.95 kg
Dimensions 4.2 x 104.8 x 162.3 cm