Seraphim 275W Poly 60 Cell

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Seraphim 275w Poly 60 Cell

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Seraphim 275W Poly 60 Cell

Seraphim Energy is a BNEF Tier 1 Solar Module Manufacturer with factories in China & USA. This 275W polycrystalline module has a silver frame & blue cells.


Seraphim Management System. 
ISO 9001: Quality management system.
ISO 14001: Standard for environmental management system.
OHSAS 18001: International standard for occupational health and safety assessment system.


Electrical Characteristics STC. 
Maximum Power at STC -Pmp (W)           275
Open Circuit Voltage -Voc (V)                   38.8
Short Circuit Current -Isc (A)                    9.02
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmp (V)           31.6
Maximum Power Current -Imp (A)             8.71
Module Efficiency STC-ηm (%)                 16.9

lrradiance1000 W/m2 module temperature 25°C AM=1.5
Power measurement tolerance: +/-3%


Electrical Characteristics NOCT.
Maximum Power at NOCT -Pmp (W)        203
Open Circuit Voltage -Voc (V)                   35.7
Short Circuit Current -Isc (A)                     7.29
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmp (V)           29.5
Maximum Power Current -Imp (A)            6.88

Irradiance 800 W/m2
Ambient temperature 20°C
Wind Speed  1 m/s
Power measurement tolerance: +/-3%


Power Tolerance (W)                               (0,+4.99)
Maximum System Voltage (V)                 1000 (TUV)  1000 (UL) 
Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A)           15


Temperature Characteristics. 

Pmax Temperature Coefficient.                                -0.42%/°C
Voc Temperature Coefficient.                                   -0.32%/°C
Isc Temperature Coefficient.                                    +0.05%/°C
Operating Temperature.                                           -40°C ~ +85°C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature. (NOCT)        45 +/- 2°C

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Weight 19.95 kg
Dimensions 4.2 x 104 x 172 cm