REC 275w peak energy 60 cell

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REC 275w peak energy 60 cell

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REC 275w peak energy 60 cell


The significant investment required when building a solar power plant, means you want to be sure that your choice of panels will prove to be reliable and high performing over their entire lifespan. Our industry-leading manufacturing facilities and processes ensure our products meet the highest quality standards. REC Peak Energy panels provide you with complete peace of mind that you have made a sound investment.

Robust & durable design

As the largest European brand of solar panels, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. REC panels are engineered to withstand heavy loads and wind, with the frame designed to prevent frost damage and facilitate snow slippage. Furthermore, REC panels undergo harsh internal testing – ensuring they perform strongly in the most severe environments and avoid damage during handling.

Optimized for all sunlight conditions

Even in low and diffuse sunlight conditions such as sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather, REC Peak Energy panels deliver strong power output, thanks to innovative technologies at both cell and panel level.


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 3.8 x 99 x 166.5 cm