LG Chem 9.8kWh HV Solar Edge

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LG Chem 9.8kWh HV Solar Edge



LG Chem 9.8kWh HV Solar Edge

This 9.8kWh high voltage battery storage system from LG Chem is a Residential Energy Storage Unit (RESU) featuring a 400V lithium-ion battery with integrated battery management system.

The RESU10 is designed to tie in with a grid connect solar system to increase self-consumption and savings. An additional inverter (e.g. SMA Sunny Island) is also required. 9.8kWh is big enough to offset the late afternoon/evening energy use of a big Aussie household. It may even cover evening and early morning electricity needs.

This new RESU generation features 5000 watts continuous power and DC round-trip efficiency of 95% while ensuring 80% of capacity retention after 10 years, and consequently comes with a 10-year warranty.

Technical Data

Nominal energy                                                          9.8kWh
Usable energy                                                             9.3kWh
Nominal capacity                                                        63Ah
Max charge/discharge power                                   5kW
Peak power                                                                  7kW (10 sec)
Nominal voltage                                                          400V
Voltage range (DC)                                                      350V – 450V
Max altitude                                                                  2000m
Operating temperature range                                   -10 – +45°C
Optimal temperature range                                       15 – 30°C
Dimensions (mm)                                                         744(W) x 907(H) x 206(D)
Net weight                                                                      97 kg
Protection class                                                             IP55