Two energy storage companies collaborated to solve issues in photovoltaic power storage.


SMA and LG Chem, two of the leading companies in energy storage solution today, decided to work together. They collaborated to provide a flexible solution to some pressing issues in photovoltaic power storage.

Putting their heads together proved to be a wise decision. Their products earned the approval of consumers as electricity costs decreased by more than 80%.

Innovative photovoltaic power storage

The companies upgraded their products, the Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 battery inverter and the RESU 10H and 7H storage units respectively. In addition to improvement in performance, SMA’s Sunny Boy and LG Chem’s RESU also got modified to fit in private households.

The success of their products inspired the companies to continue. They plan to expand their partnership’s focus on utility-scale photovoltaic power storage solutions with SMA’s Sunny Central Storage.

There is now 7kWh and 10kWh storage capacity available for new high-voltage storage solution with the RESU 400V lineup and the Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter. The AC-coupling enabled the solution to be extremely flexible. Moreover, all SMA PV systems are storage-ready regardless of the date installed.

Maximum benefits in energy storage

The upgrade offers superb benefits for the customers. For one, installation is a breeze. They can use it with their current or new photovoltaic power systems. Since it is flexible, they can adjust the system depending on their needs. They can also expand it anytime.

Some customers wish to maximize the benefits of a flexible system but would rather use low-voltage technology. Here they can opt for a storage solution that combines RESU storage unit’s low-voltage variant with SMA’s Sunny Island battery inverter.

Users of both SMA and LG Chem storage solutions can check out the online portal Sunny Places. The site provides a transparent overview of their homes. They can see how their household energy flows as well as access potential savings. If they want the system integrated into a comprehensive energy management system, the Sunny Home Manager can help.

Europe and Australia can avail of these photovoltaic power storage solutions starting December 2016.