Outsourced Solar Administration Services

At Optimus Energy we don’t just sell solar energy equipment. We are also actively engaged in helping our customers to do business more profitably, by accessing low cost administration services. We understand that the solar business has become very marginal & every dollar that can be saved is an extra dollar in our customers pockets.

We operate an office in the Philippines that can facilitate a range of outsourced solar administration services for your business. Some of the services that we can provide include;

  • STC processing solutions.
  • Graphic Design Services.
  • Web Design & Website Updates.
  • Social Media Marketing & Management.
  • Warranty & Service Management.

We have expanded on some of our service offerings below.

STC’s, Approvals & Job Scheduling

Our skilled team of professionals are able to handle all the administration tasks for you to install a solar power system in your clients home or business. Some of the services that we can provide to you include;

  • Applications to the relevant electricity network for your new solar install.
  • Uploading your solar install to our STC partners portal.
  • Applications to relevant Local Government bodies, if required.
  • Job Scheduling with your client to complete your solar installation.
  • Creating welcome packs for your clients as per CEC guidelines.

PPA’s, Leasing & Solar Financing

Our professional team at Optimus Energy can assist you to win more business by accessing the range of finance solutions offered by our industry partners. Some of the services that we can arrange for your client include;

  • Power Purchase Agreements.
  • Commercial & Residential solar leasing.
  • Interest Free Finance Solutions.

Engineering Services

Optimus Energy has several qualified Engineers working from it’s offices in Manila who can offer the full gambit of Engineering solutions for solar installations globally. Our Engineers can help you to win more business by offering professional structural & electrical Engineering for all your large scale solar projects.