The government gives fund to Brisbane communities for new solar PV system.

$100,000 for Australia’s Solar Communities

Solar energy will make a splash in sunny Brisbane. The Coalition Government guarantees this as they create projects to this end. The most recent of these is their $100,000 assistance for solar PV system.

The project proves Turnbull Government’s desire to reduce not only Australia’s emissions but also electricity bills. They chose some of Brisbane’s community groups as its first beneficiaries. The communities will use the amount for their solar panel installation and battery storage projects.

Greg Hunt and Trevor Evans said that the Communify in Bardon will get the first $10,000. Hunt is the Minister for the Environment while Evans is Brisbane Liberal candidate.

Communify gets $10,000 for solar PV system

The Communify Queensland Bardon Centre will soon build a new solar PV system. Hunt stated that a 10-kilowatt hour system saves $4,000 per year in electricity bills. It will also get to reduce emissions by about 12 tons per year.

Evans described Communify as a multi-service organization. Specifically, it provides a range of programs and activities for families and individuals in the community. The group aims to enhance their quality of life. They also include socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

Government gives back

The Government taps households and communities to take part in Australia’s transition. They want the country to have a low emissions economy with an increase in renewable energy.

Communify is the first to benefit, but the following groups will also get $10,000 each:
Grange Thistle Soccer Club
Grange Bowls and Community Club
Enoggera Bowls Sports & Community Club
Communify Queensland – The Paddington Centre
Communify Queensland – Spring Hill
Oakleigh Scout Group
Brothers Rugby Club

These organizations give back to the community in the same way as Communify. Evans shared that the Government is giving back to these groups by lowering their electricity bills.

The government also announced an expanded program in addition to their initial $100,000 fund. But instead of $100,000, it will have a much bigger budget of $5 million.

The expanded program’s fund hopes to assist around 350 community groups in the future. For Minister Hunt, the Turnbull Government is committed to making half a million households and businesses go solar.