Australia’s firs floating solar farm

Australia’s biggest floating solar farm

Tomorrow at the Lismore Sewage Ponds, the construction of Australia’s biggest floating solar farm will begin.

“It was one of council’s key projects for the Renewable Energy Master Plan,” Lismore’s Environmental Strategies Officer Sharon Hunnisett said.

“What is exciting about this particular solar farm is that it’s a floating solar farm. This will be the biggest floating solar farm in Australia,” Ms Hunnisett added.

This is one of two projects to be completed under the scheme costing $360,000.

“We have two projects, one at the Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre where we installed 100kw solar farm, which was installed May this year,” Ms Hunnisett said.

“Our second solar farm is this exciting floating solar farm, which is taking a little bit longer to get to. This is because it is so innovative, there has been some things we needed to work out along the way.”

“What is really significant is that it is funded by our community, through our project called Lismore Community Solar.”


The assembly of the solar equipment could start tomorrow and seems like to be completed by December this year.

“The equipment is on site and weather dependent it will be just a matter of days. Furthermore we hope that the finalisation of the construction will be done before Christmas.”

Ms Hunnisett said the power will go directly to the council’s sewage treatment plant site.

“It is a really big priority to get renewable energy generations here,” she said.

“We really had to think outside the square, we saw the big pond out the back and went maybe we could use that.”

“The power from this solar farm will be around 13% of the sites use, as a result, a small portion of the site will be used.”

“The idea is the pond is huge. If this works well, we can easily just keep adding to this system to make it big enough.”

She said within the next 12 months council may look into stage 2.