Modern building designs match elegance with sustainability. Solar panels in the new Australian embassy in Washington is a testament to this.   


A stunning new embassy awaits Australians in Washington D.C. This is what Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop excitedly shared with the public. She also discussed the government’s plans for the new building.

The existing structure is more than five decades old now and looks quite due for a makeover. They scrapped renovation plans, however, since rebuilding makes more sense in terms of costs.

Modern and innovative Australia

The government chose Bates Smart, an established Australian company, to design the building. It should “promote an enduring vision of a contemporary and innovative Australia, paying tribute to the Australian landscape,” according to Minister Bishop.

The Minister added that the building will utilize innovative environmental design solutions. It will have the highest global environmental design standards.

Architecture AU said that these solutions include a green roof with solar panels. There are no specifics yet on the solar power system capacity. The huge rooftop size, though, implies that the system will be massive. It will be huge enough to significantly reduce electricity bills of the building.

Sustainability plus aesthetics

Bates Smart assured everyone that the $237-million project will grab attention.

Well, it’s not the first solar-powered Australian embassy. However, it could be the most advanced in terms of solar technology. The company will employ the latest sustainable ideas and cutting-edge technologies. They guarantee maximum environmental performance for the building.

Aside from having an energy efficient design, the structure aims to look stylish. It will, of course, house spacious galleries and function rooms. There would also be a large glass atrium at the center. Finally, people will marvel at a lovely open public space that looks back towards the White House.

Bates Smart Director Kristen Whittle said that the project has a refined and rich materiality. This will make it stand out in Washington.