A cattle station catches up with the times as it changes energy source from wind to solar.

Windmills Replaced with Solar Panels

Solar power is the future of energy source. With growing concern for the environment and constantly increasing power rates, the sun feels like our only hope. Of course, wind is also a force to be reckoned with in renewable energy. But there’s a reason why moving from wind to solar is gaining popularity.

Undoolya cattle farm goes modern

In Central Australia, it’s hard to miss cattle farms. The stations mostly have lovely windmills as a landmark. In fact, windmills have symbolized these cattle stations for so long. However, times are changing and even windmills have to move along.

One cattle station in Undoolya is getting their old windmills replaced with solar panels. Owner Ben Hayes said the thought crossed his mind as far back as 15 years ago. He slowly shifted to solar and did not regret the decision. And apparently, everyone else on the station was supportive of this move to modernize.

Mr. Hayes found solar so much more efficient and easier to handle than wind. But aside from ease and efficiency, other factors convinced the cattle station owner that it’s time to ramp up the installations. Among these are the advancements in solar technology and reduction in the price of solar panels and installation.

Opportunities in wind to solar shift

Mr. Hayes recently pulled out an old mono windmill. While the mill is still present, he took out the mono gear and replaced it with solar. Though some of the windmills he took out are rare, he believes in solar and the opportunities it brings. He also sees its versatility for other things.

Mr. Hayes swears by solar power system’s convenience. You can run it up all night. When you’ve run out of fuel, you don’t have to worry about going back and flicking switches. It automatically flicks into solar. With all these, it’s not surprising to see the station going all solar in the future.