Western Australia’s new museum has an impressive design. The real scene-stealer, though, is its environment-friendly solar power system.  

Australia’s Solar Powered Museum

The freshly-unveiled design of the new Western Australia museum has already generated a lot of buzz. However, what people mostly talk about is its intended energy source – solar power.

Australia advocates the use of renewable energy. It’s no surprise that Perth’s latest structure joined the growing list of properties that opted to go solar.

Many of Perth’s homes and businesses have joined the solar revolution. They not only wish to cut back on electricity costs but also reduce carbon emissions. The state boasts of more than 200,000 small scale systems installed, according to the Clean Energy Regulator.

Project Features

Brookfield Multiplex got the project which has an estimated budget of $428 million. Construction starts in 2017 and expected to end in 2020. This will generate around 3,300 jobs and involve and 1,800 construction workers on site.

Its design will impress for sure. At the end of its construction in 2020, the new museum should be four times the size of the existing building. It will have a spacious 1,000sqm area for special exhibitions in addition to 7,000sqm of galleries.

Museum’s solar power system

The plan hints at grandness, but the museum’s most striking feature is definitely solar power. It was obvious that sustainability and energy efficiency were considered in the design. The building will utilize innovative energy and thermal solution that combines solar energy and water heat-exchange systems.

Designers did not reveal the size of the solar power system in the building. The amount of energy the system will contribute was not mentioned, too. However, they said 30-40 per cent reduction in carbon emission is possible.

The new museum will find a pertinent place in Perth’s cultural hub. It will surely give tourism a boost. As WA Premier Colin Barnett said, “West Australians will share in a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a vibrant new cultural home in the heart of Perth.”