A survey revealed an increasing number of Australians planning to purchase solar panels and batteries.

Interest for Solar Panels and Batteries Grows

Australia is one of the leading countries in solar panels and batteries. After all, it has one of the best topographies for solar installation, especially large-scale ones. The sun is also powerful on this side of the world. These reasons alone make solar power use strong in this country.

Solar panels and batteries survey

With the right policies and marketing, the popularity of solar panels and batteries will continue to grow. In fact, the KPMG and UMR Research for Energy Consumers Australia’s recent study showed this trend.

Apparently, 34% of 2500 households mull over solar panel installation while 27% consider owning battery storage within the next five years. The anticipated increase is huge considering only 15% currently own photovoltaics and 5% possess battery storage.

Why switch to solar  

There are several factors behind the increasing interest to go solar. One of these is energy bills. Household electricity bills are a constant surprise to consumers. Even with controlled consumption, consumers can’t get away with high energy bills when power rates increase.

Consumers also see the benefits of maximizing solar-generated power and improving policies in solar feed-in-tariffs. You can get the most out of your system especially if you live in a state where there’s plenty of sunshine, and of course during summer.

Lastly, some consumers feel better knowing they are less dependent on the main grid. Should anything happen to their grid connection, they have solar as back-up.

More power with battery storage

Solar panels and batteries go together and many consumers realize this once their panels are installed and working. Several reports confirmed Australia’s important role in global battery storage market and households will be the main force behind this.

A 2015 forecast by GTM Research stated that by 2020, Australia will hit 244 MW of yearly installed battery capacity. Interestingly, consumers have more options for energy storage now. Solar battery storage providers are even collaborating to improve their products.