Small-scale solar PV systems installed throughout Australia has now reached a strong 1.6 million.   

Australia: More than 5GW of Small Scale Solar

Australia made more than 5,000 small-scale solar PV systems installations last October. This represents a total generation capacity of 22,225kW. It’s an impressive figure considering October wasn’t even the busiest month in terms of installation. And while the data included wind and hydro, solar panels are the major contributors in the figure.

This gives Australia a running total of 1.6 million small scale solar panel systems installed – a number than can already keep 1.4 million households off the grid. This was not the first time Queensland leads the list with the most number of small-scale solar installations. It had 1,595 systems installed last month. This is according to the current “Cracking The Small Scale Code” of the Clean Energy Regulator.

Small-scale solar PV for businesses

Small-scale solar PV installation is not only confined in Australian households. It has gained popularity in commercial establishments, and for very good reasons.

Aside from doing their part in reducing carbon emissions, companies realize the sun’s potential in maximizing their profits. Last month, Australia had 210 commercial sized solar PV systems (10 – 100kW) installed. 61 of these are in New South Wales.

Solar battery and other solar power systems

October saw more than 800,000 solar hot water systems installed. As for air source heat pumps, over 200,000 units improved Australian homes and businesses. These installations add to the month’s cumulative solar PV statistics.

Solar battery systems also enjoyed a slight increase. More than 50 PV installations had battery storage added at the same time. This made the total solar battery systems installed close to 2,000. The figure still excludes energy storage retrofitted to existing solar power systems.

The Clean Energy Regulator keep tabs of installations and update running totals since the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme began in 2001.