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We help SA businesses to Use less, Pay less and Generate their own Electriity wih Solar. 

We are optimus

 Our team has helped hundreds of SA businesses to use less, pay less and generate their own electricity using Solar PV. Since 2014 our team has been involved in over 60MW of solar PV projects along with numerous energy saving initiatives. 

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“Most traditional solar companies and energy retailers, don’t bother to look at ways to eliminate excess energy consumption. The more you use, the more they can sell.  ”

OUR TEAM AnD Skill set

Denny Honen – Co Founder/ Director

Born in South Australia, Denny started his career in Environmental Sustainability in 2003 working with a Major ASX Top 100 listed company. This role saw Denny consult with Government and Major corporations around energy and water conservation. Since 2008 Denny has led the group of companies now known as Optimus. Denny’s career with Optimus has seen him working on major projects in Australia and around the world in locations such as Africa, China, The Philippines and New Zealand.  Now back in South Australia, Denny is still leading the group with a renewed focus on delivering global best practice for companies in South Australia who want to use less, pay less and generate their own electricity with Solar PV. 


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