We have helped hundreds of businesses to stop wasting money on their energy bills


With over 15 years experience in the Energy Industry, our team is well positioned to help you to find ways to use less, pay less and generate your own electricity.

Optimus Energy – Your Energy Guys. 

Our mission is simple – We exist to assist businesses to Use Less, Pay Less & Generate their own electricity.


Energy Guy (noun) /ˈɛnədʒi ɡʌɪ/

Somebody who helps businesses to Use Less, Pay Less and Generate their own electricity. 

An Energy Guy will be; 

Technology Agnostic. 

Looking at any and all options for a business to use less energy.


Comparing all energy retail offers to help a business pay less for energy. 


Conducting in depth analysis before making any recommendations.


Assisting businesses along the journey to achieve their energy goals. 

Our Services

Energy Analysis

This is a 100% FREE service where we conduct a deep dive in to your businesses energy consumption habits, to develop a detailed report. This assist the business owner to make informed decisions. 

Monitoring/ Metering

By having full visibility of your energy consumption allows businesses to see when and if energy is being wasted. This simple tool can save businesses thousands in wasted consumption.

Retailer Comparison

Many businesses aren't aware of how their electricity is charged, let alone if they are on the best plan for their needs. Our energy guys are 100% independent of any retailer, and will offer the best plan for any business.

Voltage and Power Factor

Many businesses are wasting energy through high voltage supply and/ or poor power factor. Our Engineers deploy solutions that can reduce a businesses energy bills by up to 18%, with energy technologies.

Solar PV

One of the most popular and cost effective ways to eliminate electricity bills is to generate your own. Optimus has deployed thousands of solar installs in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Solar Batteries

Battery storage is now becoming a cost effective option, for some businesses who use the bulk of the electricity at night. Battery storage can help to reduce peak demand as well as standard kWh usage.

Energy Saving Products

Optimus offers a range of energy saving products, such as LED Lighting, Airconditioning, Hot Water, Standby reduction and Solar Pumping. We leave no stone un turned when looking for ways to reduce consumption.

EV Chargers

As consumers move to Electric Vehicles, there is now a growing need for charging outlets within businesses. We assist to install the chargers, and with access to billing/ revenue streams as rrequired.

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