Wholesale Solar Panels, Inverters, Racking & Energy Storage.

Optimus Energy offers a full range of wholesale Solar Panels, Inverters & Racking throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & the Philippines.
We offer detailed information regarding our product range for all markets. To view more information about our products, please click on the links below.

We offer a convenient online store where you can buy our products online. To visit our online store, Click Here.

Our Brands

At Optimus Energy we only offer class leading brands. Some of our brands include

OptiRack is our own brand of solar racking for sale in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines & Malaysia. Buy OptiRack Online.

Clenergy is a premium range of racking for both roof & ground mount applications. This product is available in our Australian warehouses. Buy Clenergy Online.

Hopergy is a top quality range of solar racking products. Hopergy is available in our Australian & Philippines warehouses. Buy Hopergy Online.

Zeversolar is one of the leading brands of Chinese manufactured solar inverters. We stock the full range of Zeversolar inverters in all our markets. Buy Zeversolar Inverters Online.

SMA is a world leader in grid tie solar inverters. We offer SMA in Australia, New Zealand & the Philippines. Buy SMA Inverters Online.

Anaphase Inverters are at this stage only available for the Australian & New Zealand markets. Buy Enphase Micro Inverters Online.

We offer Seraphim Solar Modules from our Australian warehouses. Buy Seraphim Solar Modules Online.

The Trina Duomax range of Glass on Glass solar modules are in stock throughout our Australian warehouses. We can also offer Trina modules for solar projects in the Philippines & New Zealand. Buy Trina Duomax Solar Panels Online.

CSun is our budget range of Tier 1 wholesale solar panels available from our Australian warehouses. Buy CSun 250w Modules Online.