Seraphim 270W Mono All Black Solar Modules.

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Seraphim All Black Solar Modules.  Wholesale Prices.


Seraphim All Black Solar Modules.

The All Black Seraphim Monocrystalline Solar Module looks all class. Optimus Energy also have stock of black racking components to make your systems really stand out from the pack. These modules are readily available from our warehouse in Adelaide. With limited stock holdings in Melbourne, Queensland & Perth.

Seraphim Management System. 
ISO 9001: Quality management system.
ISO 14001: Standard for environmental management system.
OHSAS 18001: International standard for occupational health and safety assessment system.

Electrical Characteristics STC. 
Maximum Power at STC -Pmp (W)           270
Open Circuit Voltage -Voc (V)                   38.5
Short Circuit Current -Isc (A)                     9.04
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmp (V)           30.8
Maximum Power Current -Imp (A)             8.77
Module Efficiency STC-ηm (%)                 16.6

lrradiance1000 W/m2 module temperature 25°C AM=1.5
Power measurement tolerance: +/-3%

Electrical Characteristics NOCT.
Maximum Power at NOCT -Pmp (W)        201
Open Circuit Voltage -Voc (V)                   35.6
Short Circuit Current -Isc (A)                     7.30
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmp (V)           29.3
Maximum Power Current -Imp (A)            6.86

Irradiance 800 W/m2
Ambient temperature 20°C
Wind Speed  1 m/s
Power measurement tolerance: +/-3%

Power Tolerance (W)                               (0,+4.99)
Maximum System Voltage (V)                 1000 (TUV)  1000 (UL) 
Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A)           20

Temperature Characteristics. 

Pmax Temperature Coefficient.                                -0.40%/°C
Voc Temperature Coefficient.                                   -0.32%/°C
Isc Temperature Coefficient.                                    +0.05%/°C
Operating Temperature.                                           -40°C ~ +85°C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature. (NOCT)        45 +/- 2°C


These Seraphim Energy Solar Modules are very well priced when compared to other BNEF Tier 1 offerings on the Australian market, with the added bonus of the additional aesthetic of being all black in colour.

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