Australia: Solar panel installations continue to rise

We have seen how solar panel installations grow in Australia especially last March this year as it reached its highest monthly total since August 2012, according to the latest industry statistics.

Figures released by solar energy consultants Sunwiz reveal Australian panel installations topped 92MW in March 2017. The stats, which include comparatively strong numbers in January and February, show a total 230MW installed during the first quarter of 2017.

March 2017 volumes were almost double those recorded during the same month last year.

With 25MW rooftop solar in March, Queensland continues to dominate the market. NSW is also keeping up with their 21MW rooftop installations and South Australia and Western Australia each with 17MW added.

25MW provides enough energy to power approximately 5,500 homes and businesses.

Australia now has a total 5.58GW of solar panels installed across 1.67 million homes and businesses.

A new data gathered also reveals that average residential solar system prices hit a new low of $1.57 per watt in April 2017, maintaining the gradual decline started earlier this year. Average commercial system prices rose slightly in April, up to $1.23 per watt, after months of steady decline.