Wholesale Solar Distributor Australia.

Optimus Energy is a leading wholesale solar distributor operating in Australia, Philippines, Malaysia & the Philippines. We operate warehouses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Sydney. We pride ourselves on providing high quality solar panels, inverters, racking & balance of system for globally competitive prices. Our brands include Zeversolar, SMA, Trina, CSUN, Hopergy & Seraphim.

Be More.

At Optimus Energy we always aim to be more than your average wholesale solar distributor. We don’t just sell boxes, we assist solar companies in Australia to do business better. We don’t just buy stock, we assist solar manufacturers to do business with professional & capable solar installers. We don’t just live in our community, we assist those in need to access solar technology that the more fortunate take almost for granted. 

100% Customer Focused.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality service. We constantly request our clients to tell us how we are doing via our satisfaction survey. These are the current results as at 24/12/15. If you would like to complete our survey, click here. Good, bad or anything in between. We want to know!
  • Great 60.67%
  • Above Average 24.72%
  • Average 13.48%
  • Below Average 1.12%
  • Poor 0%

Our Range.

Solar Panels.

Wholesale Solar Distributor Australia.

We offer the Trina Duomax Glass On Glass solar modules for the Australian market.  These solar modules are a premium offering from Trina & represent great value for the Australian market.  Buy Trina Duomax online  Click Here. Seraphim Solar Panels

Optimus Energy is Australia’s largest distributor for Seraphim Energy solar panels. Seraphim is one of the world’s best solar panel manufacturers & is now listed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance as a tier 1 solar panel. In addition to this Seraphim was the first company globally to pass the TUV thresher test, which ensures the long term performance of all Seraphim products. For more about Seraphim & to buy online, Click here.


CSUN (China Sunergy) Is one of the newest brands to enter the BNEF tier 1 ranking. This solar panel represents great value for the Australian market & is constantly moving quickly out of our warehouses. Click here to buy CSUN solar modules online.


zeversolar logo

Zeversolar is fast becoming one of Australia’s largest brands of solar inverters. Zeversolar is 98% owned by the SMA group & is a brand that can be trusted. We believe that Zeversolar represents outstanding value for the Australian market. Click Here to buy the full range of Zeversolar inverters online.


SMA is the trusted standard in solar inverters throughout the world. SMA has continued to innovate of late to offer some fantastic solutions for the next generation of smart homes. To buy SMA inverters online Click Here.

enphase logo

Enphase has quickly built a strong reputation & cult like following on the Australian market. The range of Enphase Micro inverters are extremely versatile & durable, which is perfect for the Australian solar market. Click Here to buy Enphase Micro Inverters online.

Solar Mounting.


Optimus Energy is a proud distributor for the Hopergy range of solar mounting products. We offer both roof mount & ground mount products from Hopergy.  To buy Hopergy products online, Click Here.

Energy Storage.

Fit craft Logo.

Optimus Energy is Australia’s exclusive agent for the Fitcraft Energy range of energy storage products. Fitcraft Energy offer an all in one option for LifePo energy storage with sizes ranging from 1.5kW of storage, right through to 30kW+. To buy Fitcraft products online Click Here.

Electrical & BOS.

Optimus Energy offers the full range of Electrical requirements & balance of system for your next solar installation. We offer DC & AC isolators, MC4 connectors, Cables & much more. To buy Electrical & BOS online,  Click Here.